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Stripped Bare (2004)

Stripped Bare is a series of ten photographs of structures taken in the west of Nigeria. The choice of the zone where the images were taken is important; it reflects the actual state of this zone, state, country and continent. Most of the structures have a function in the space they are built in, e.g. the school, the pool, the toilet, the church etc., but at the same time the surroundings do not seem to fit with the function of the structure. The structures are not buildings or institutions built by the government but they are personal initiatives from individuals who constructed something for private or public use. The constructions are completely bare of ornaments and are in a state as if stripped, unfinished, or waiting for something. Sometimes the size of the structures is not in proportion to the amount of people that live in that area. Sometimes the presence of the structure is unfounded because there was no need for it in that specific area.

As part of the scenery of our live, our environment emphasizes and shows the lines, scars and traces of decisions made. Each image points out the structure isolated in its space, reflecting an aspect of ongoing construction and deconstruction, showing the dreams of individuals, their expectations and deceptions.

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