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Dolphin Estate (2008)

Dolphin Estate documents the first pre-fabricated housing units built in the 1990's in Lagos, Nigeria. I then lived in Lagos and could remember seeing this new construction being put up in a very fast pace. Nevertheless they were then regarded as modern dream houses for the middle class. These kinds of housing complexes, which were sometimes given neo-American suburbia titles, were most times adequately equipped with the essentials a home needs but as time passes by the facilities break down, therefore the necessity emerges to build extensions and additional structures in order to survive. The mechanisms and devices gradually added to the existing architecture exposes multiples stories of a daily reality.

These photographs, taken in 2008, show the results and conditions of a long lost dream. Dolphin Estate has gradually fallen into a state of disrepair, leaving the residents to take care for their daily needs such as water, electricity and having to cope with flooding problems. The photographs reveal the everyday influences in our environment and its constantly changing nature.

My photographic works often reflects on the mechanisms and underlying structures of how our everyday lives function, as well as the labour required for everyday survival.

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