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Road Series - Toll Gate to Ibadan (2001)

The Road Series is the first serie of photographic works made by Otobong Nkanga which were shown for the first time at the "IV-eme Rencontre de la Photographie Africaine", Bamako, Mali (2001) and then later in the Taipei Biennial, Taipei, Taiwan (2004).These photographic works resulted from the observation and reaction on the conditions of the road from the toll gates of Lagos towards the other states of Ibadan/Osun.

Eleven years after being involved in an accident on these same roads (which took the life of her mother), the artist made this series that looks at the state of things which was more or less the same as she experienced before. The remains of burnt buses or cars stay as a reminder of the precariousness of life but at the same time are traces of a certain reality that one encounters as one travels through this area.

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