Social Consequences (2009-2014)

Social Consequences I, II, III and IV are series of 10 drawings each (not all series complete yet), which can be seen in relation to the Filtered Memories series. They reveal concepts behind ideas of labour, domesticity, home, belonging and possession. These drawings have a surreal, yet diagrammatic feeling, clearly illustrating 'cause and effect' scenarios, using everyday symbolic objects. 

Limits of Mapping
Segregation/ Encroaching Barricade / Entangled / Endangered Species / Rationed Measures /Intertwined
Choices we make
Seize all you can
The Overload / Projectiles / Piercing Pressure / Hostage / Wastescape / The Overflow
Without you everything falls apart / Engaged / Body Builder / Wait for X / Fractured
The Takeover
The Dreamer
The Search
The Mapping / The Pile / Emptied Pit / Ruin
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